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Define-Design-Deliver is how AMADA WELD TECH defines our holistic approach to engineered system design and development.


A successful system begins with a successful process. AMADA WELD TECH has 10 full time application/process engineers to work on the most difficult of applications.

Laser cutting flexible tube, laser tube cutting, laser micro cutting, micro cutting


Successful manufacturing processes depend in large part on successful system integration. Designers need to develop systems where the motion, power supply, software, and tooling work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports the desired process flow and meets production demand.

Putting all these pieces together is a challenge, compounded by the fact that many integrators don’t understand the process, and might have to rely on external application engineers to properly integrate the system to achieve success with the process. Subsequently, if a problem arises, or if changes are needed to adjust to a new product, the integrator is in no position to modify or repair the process equipment.

Based on successful process development, AMADA WELD TECH AMERICA offers a complete range of turn-key semi-automated systems for all of our technologies providing the fastest path from application concept to full production. Staffed with application, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, AMADA WELD TECH is equipped to meet the demands of even the most challenging parts.


AMADA WELD TECH not only manufactures a range of equipment but also engineers and integrates laser systems, offering designers a one-stop shop for system integration. Once delivered, AMADA WELD TECH’s industry leading support is available throughout the life of the system, including both process and technical support.

AMADA WELD TECH’s standard and custom system offerings for welding, marking, cutting, micromachining, hot bar reflow soldering and bonding include:

  • Desktop systems
  • Single operator workstations
  • Semi-automated conveyor processing systems
  • Rotary systems
  • Glovebox systems
  • Laser tube cutting systems
  • Micro machining systems
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Integrated Systems for Welding, Marking, Cutting & More

Resistance Welding Systems

Laser Welding

Laser Marking

Laser Cutting

Laser Micromachining

Hot Bar Reflow Soldering & Bonding

Laser Micromachining

Hermetic Seam Sealing

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