Application Support & Process Development

AMADA WELD TECH stands behind our products in the field and we know that our products are only as good as the processes that they provide for our customers. 

In the event that an existing process requires a modification or re-optimization, our experienced Application Engineers are ready to provide assistance!

FREE Sample Evaluation

Not sure your application is feasible? Want to know which technology is best suited to your process? AMADA WELD TECH offers FREE sample evaluations. Use the following forms; provide as much information as possible and send to us with at least 10 sample parts so that we can process them to your exact requirements - the very first time!

Process Audit Worksheet / Design of Experiments

AMADA WELD TECH's Design of Experiments tool (DOE) is a step-by-step guide used to assist in the development of a robust resistance welding process.

The first step is to identify all of the variables which can positively or negatively affect the process. Use the Process Audit Worksheet (PAW) to document the equipment, materials, mechanical system, electrical system, maintenance and quality requirements for the process and then return to the DOE for further instruction.

Download both here:

We offer Application Support and Process Development services at our Technical Center in Monrovia, California or on-site at your facility.  These services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and may include hands-on equipment training.

Due to various application and process variables that are out of our control, these services are offered on a “best effort” basis.  We do not guarantee that we will be able to achieve any specific results and cannot be held responsible for your production process.

Services are offered based on availability and must be be scheduled a minimum of three weeks in advance.

Schedule Training/Support
Application Support / Process Development and/or Lab Time (M-F)Monrovia, CA$2100/day
Application Support / Process Development (M-F) Onsite at Your Facility$2100/day +
Travel Billed at Cost +
Travel Labor $1050/day
Application Support / Process Development and/or Lab Time (Sat - Sun)Monrovia, CA$3150/day
Application Support / Process Development (Sat-Sun)Onsite at Your Facility$3150/day +
Travel Billed at Cost +
Travel Labor $1575/day