Laser Conveyor Systems

Addressing the demand for inline manufacturing cells, AMADA WELD TECH’s Conveyor Laser Processing Center may be customized for welding, marking or micromachining applications. Conveyor machine optional features include pallet lifts, vision, bar code readers, fume extraction and more.

Add laser weld monitoring to inspect in real time the weld and ensure quality, throughput and traceability.

Why invest in a system with automated or semi-automated material handling? Conveyorized part handling facilitates more efficient use of processing space and the ability to process multiple parts at the same time, thereby potentially reducing handling costs, loading and unloading times, and finished part damage. Furthermore, conveyor systems may address operator ergonomic concerns. The conveyorized laser processi...

Technical Specifications

Technology Cutting
Key FeaturesFlexible 4 position Bosch® TSplus conveyor
Z-axis with galvo scanning head
Pallet queue adjacent to entry door
Easily integrated with conveyor systems via SMEMA communications
Connectivity to production networks: (ERP, MRP systems)
Category 3 safety interlocks
Delta Tau® motion controls
Part height sensors
Generic pallets support part-specific tooling
CDRH class 1 enclosure
Easy rear access
NEMA style electrical panel
Welded steel base with removable panels
Laser weld monitoring
WeightWith Conveyor: 1850 lb (839 kg)
Without Conveyor: 1690 lb (767 kg)