Laser Wire Stripping Machine

Laser wire stripping: quick and clean without damaging the conductor

The stripping of wire insulation or coatings in order to provide electrical contact points for cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation devices, or other downstream manufacturing processes is a common requirement in the medical device manufacturing industry. Moving from manual intensive processes to an automatic wire stripping machine offers great gains in productivity and quality.

AMADA WELD TECH’s laser wire stripping machine is a fast and efficient method for removing partial or full sections of materials and tapering edges. The laser is well suited for material removal as required for the stripping of outer layers of polymers from small diameter wires for many medical device applications. The laser offers a process that is non contact, very repeatable, can selectively remove layers, can selectively remove areas and is easily automated. The laser transforms a key step in the manufacturi...

Technical Specifications - Laser Wire Stripping System

Key FeaturesOff axis or through-the-lens vision
Control software with a simple, graphical interface
Optional laser monitoring
Stage, gantry or rotary motion options
Galvo steered laser
Debris management
Custom tooling

Manuals/Datasheets - Laser Wire Stripping System