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Laser Marking, also known as ‘laser engraving’ or ‘laser etching,’ is a marking method which utilizes laser light to mark materials using a fine spot diameter ranging. Laser markers engrave using short pulses (10’s-100’s of nanoseconds), providing precise control, and negligible heat input to the part.

A fast and clean technology, laser engraving is rapidly replacing older marking methods like dot peen and chemical etching. A key factor its widespread adoption is the exponential increase in the use of direct part marking to enable tracking and traceability across many industries, most notably medical device and automotive electronics manufacturing. Easy and flexible automation, the fact that it is a non-contact process, improved environmental profile, and low cost of ownership add to the benefits of purchasing and using laser markers or laser etching equipment.

Laser Marking, laser engraving, laser marking metal, laser marking plastic

Laser marking can take on many forms – some applications specify highly visible, attractive marks, while others need marks on obscure places or small enough to be visible only using magnification – including annealing, bleaching, engraving, etching, and foaming. The types of marks  that can be made are dependent on the characteristics of the laser markers used to make the marks. The energy density, wavelength, and material properties determine the type of interaction with the material. High energy density and short wavelengths will typically yield ablative/material removal effects, while lower power density and longer wavelengths will typically yield thermal effects.

Types of marks include alphanumeric characters, bar-codes, 2D matrix codes, serial numbers, logos and graphics. Materials which can be marked by laser markers include metals, semiconductors, plastics, ceramics and more.

AMADA WELD TECH offers a full line of pulsed fiber laser markers with 10-100 W output power; standard, benchtop, CDRH class 1 eyesafe workstations; and custom engineered system solutions including tooling, vision, motion and optics.

Fiber Laser Markers

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