Custom Laser Welding Systems

AMADA WELD TECH specializes in engineering turn-key semi-automated systems for laser welding, providing the fastest path from application concept to full production.

Successful laser manufacturing processes depend in large part on successful laser system integration. Designers need to understand how to develop systems where the motion, laser, software, and tooling work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports the desired process flow.  Putting all the pieces together can be a challenge, compounded by the fact that many integrators don’t understand lasers, and might have to rely on the laser manufacturer to integrate the system. Subsequently, if a problem arises, or if changes are needed to adjust to a new product, the integrator is in no position to modify or repair the laser system.

AMADA WELD TECH is unique in that we not only manufacture the laser welders but als...

System Features/Options

Technology Resistance welding
Capabilities IncludeFlexible 4 position Bosch® TSplus conveyor
Z-axis with galvo scanning head
Pallet queue adjacent to entry door
Easily integrated with conveyor systems via SMEMA communications
Connectivity to production networks: (ERP, MRP systems)
Category 3 safety interlocks
Delta Tau® motion controls
Part height sensors
Generic pallets support part-specific tooling
CDRH class 1 enclosure
Easy rear access
NEMA style electrical panel
Welded steel base with removable panels
Laser weld monitoring