Capacitor Discharge Projection Cap Welding System

The Pulsar Series capacitor discharge welding power supplies, combined with model KN-200A weld heads provide dependable, field proven cap welding solution for hermetic sealing of microelectronic packages and joining of a variety of metal parts. Built in the USA, the Pulsar Series offers a broad range of precision power choices and can be easily integrated into atmospheric enclosures to ensure high yield hermetic sealing results.

  • Capacitor discharge (CD) technology
  • Wide range of models offer from 1000-9000 joules of energy
  • “Weld inhibit” function accepts input from atmospheric enclosure instruments, such as oxygen analyzers and moisture monitors for integrated process control
  • “Weld fire” lockout monitors the capacitor bank charge and prevents firing if the energy level differs from the set point, ensuring repeatable weld pulses

Technical Specifications

Output RangeWs: 1 - 9000
Force Range (Single Head)120 - 1200 lb
54.43 - 544.3 kg
533.8 - 5337.9 N
Force Range (Dual Head)120 - 4000 lb
54.42 - 1814.37 kg
533.8 - 17792.9 N
Size - Power Supply (L x W x H)34.0 in x 22.0 in x 16.0 in (86 cm x 56 cm x 41 cm)
Size - Controller (L x W x H)12 in x 15 in x 24 in (30.5 cm x 38.0 cm x 61.0 cm)
WeightDepends on options selected