WL-100A Laser Welding Workstation

WL-100A with LM-F070A-HP is a CE compliant and CDRH Class 1 laser welding workstation with an integrated 70 watt fiber laser which combines cutting-edge technology with industrial robustness for welding applications. This versatile system has numerous performance options to match the right laser to the application. Applications include welding metals, plastics and dissimilar metal welding. By simply changing the settings, WL-100A also has the capability to mark, engrave, cut, drill, and ablate thin materials.

Add laser weld monitoring to inspect in real time the weld and ensure quality, throughput and traceability.

This system is geared for low volume production and R&D environments over a wide range of industries. As capacity or function grows, it is easy to transition...

Technical Specifications

Technology Laser Welding
Key FeaturesWelding, marking, cutting and micromachining
Laser weld monitoring
Compact footprint
Motorized Z-axis
Large viewing window
Multiple lens options
Fume extraction port
Optional rotary axis
Powerful, intuitive software
Size (L x W x H)Controller 26.4 in x 17.0 in x 7.3 in (670.9 mm x 431.8 mm x 186.1 mm)
Microhead 8.49 in x 3.03 in x 4.22 in (215.6 mm x 77 mm x 107.2 mm)
WL-100A 31.2 in x 17.4 in x 33.9 in (814.5 mm x 441.1 mm x 860.8 mm)
WeightController 61 lb (27.7 kg)
Microhead 8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
WL-100A 150 lb (68 kg)