SIGMA® LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem

Integration-ready femtosecond laser micromachining module

The SIGMA LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem is a laser-integrated micromachining module  designed for versatility and straightforward integration.  Like AMADA WELD TECH’s full-size Delta and SIGMA Laser Micromachining Systems, the SIGMA LS subsystem provides processing solutions for a broad range of laser micromachining applications, such as precision laser ablation and selective ablation, drilling, surface texturing, and marking.  The small form factor and integration-ready design makes the SIGMA LS the perfect solution for machine builders and system integrators, as well as for many contract manufacturers, job shops, or R&D labs.

The SIGMA LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem is offered with a range of femtosecond laser options to meet the needs of nearly any micromachining applicatio...

Technical Specifications

Laser and Motion ParametersSpecifications
LaserFemtosecond laser 5 W to 80 W; IR and green wavelengths options
Focused Spot Size< 10 µm achievable
Beam DeliveryGalvanometer 2D scan head
Fixed-optic focus head options
Standard f-theta, telecentric, and fixed-optic lens options
ToolingDirection and concept testing provided by AMADA
Input Power110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 A
240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 A
Laser Subsystem dimensionsHeight: 357.1 mm (14.06 in) with camera
Width: 952.5 mm (37.50 in) with handles removed
Depth: 668.3 mm (26.31 in) including scan head
Laser Subsystem weight~ 116 kg (~ 255 lbs)
Controls Box dimensionsHeight: 220.7 (8.69 in)
Width: 482.6 mm (19.0 in)
Depth: 330.2 mm (13.0 in)
CommunicationsEthernet IP (standard); Configurable for various communication protocol options
*NoteInput power, dimensions and weight dependent on final system configuration.