Robot Arms

Robot arms are frequently used in manufacturing in order to free skilled operators to work on other critical tasks. Well known for handling large scale components, robots are now optimized for handling microscopic parts as well.

AMADA WELD TECH integrates robotic arms inside or outside the work chamber to perform a number of operations, most often loading and unloading of parts or trays of parts.


  • Integrate with any Amada Weld Tech Delta, Sigma® or AX system.
  • Typical robot features:
    -6 axes of motion
    -717 mm of reach
    -7 kg payload capacity
  • Programmed motion paths for desired operation
  • High precision placement – 10 microns (0.0004”) giving the ability to load parts with high repeatability
  • Robot controller provides additional I/O for advanced automation platforms
  • Grippers designed spe...