The challenges of today’s medical device manufacturing applications – small, single use devices in high demand with ever-increasing reliability requirements – are pushing the need for more sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and AMADA WELD TECH, in consult with medical device industry expert customers, is leading the way with our comprehensive range of resistance and laser welding, laser marking,  laser cutting and laser micromachining technologies.

Value-added process knowledge – like our patented motion and laser control techniques (position-based firing) and new metals joining production methods made possible by the availability of “green light” (532nm) pulsed welding lasers, further solidify our innovative, leading-edge status.

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Cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, guidewires, catheters, cannulae, hearing aids, brachyseeds, orthodontic appliances, prosthetics, and surgical tools are just a few of our many successful applications!




Medical electrodes are generally comprised of a lead (for conduction of electrical current), a metal electrode, and electrode-conducting paste or gel for surface electrodes. There are also specialized needle electrodes that pierce the skin. Electrodes are used for diverse procedures and check-ups in healthcare settings.


Guidewires are used to navigate vessels to reach particular areas of the body. Once the tip of the device arrives at its destination, it acts as a “guide” for larger catheters for easier delivery of devices or medications to a treatment site.

Implantable Medical Devices

A medical device is considered implantable if it is either partly or totally introduced surgically into the human body and is intended to remain there after the procedure. It is estimated that 10% of the American population and 5% to 6% of people in industrialized countries have an implantable medical device of some sort to help rebuild body functions, achieve a better quality of life, or expand longevity. Examples of implantable devices include ICDs, LVADs, pacemakers, auditory implants (cochlear), pacemakers and pumps. They typically consist of a microelectronic system encapsulated in a hermetically sealed canister with electrodes connecting the device to the body part/organ.

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Implantable Devices

Medical Tools

Medical tools are non-sterile, single or multi-us surgical devices such as saws, biopsy tools, forceps, tweezers, scissors, and safety scalpels. They can be made of metal or plastic materials.

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Medical Tools


Medical tubes are used in implants, surgical and dental instruments such as biopsy needles, coronary stents, endoscopy equipment, cannulas, spinal cages and trauma nails. Often these products are resistance and/or laser welded, laser marked, laser drilled/cut or laser micro machined.

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