SM-8500A Parallel Seam Sealing System

Packed with advanced features, the Windows®-based SM-8500A, reliably performs hermetic resistance welding, brazing, and soldering processes on a variety of metals, alloys, plated materials, and solder pre-forms. Built in the USA the SM-8500A can be operated as either a stand-alone unit or fully integrated into a glovebox enclosure for a complete closed-loop hermetic sealing process for applications including optoelectronic packaging, semiconductor packaging, transistor outline package welding, and more.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Working Envelope Size8.0 in x 8.0 in (203 mm x 203 mm)
Lid / Package Size 0.16 in - 8.0 in (4 mm - 203 mm)
Vision AssistOptional
Automated Pick and PlaceNo
Lid Hold DownManual
Single Package Circular Welding ModeYes
Partial Weld Pass Welding OptionNo
Multiple or Single Package OnlySingle
4-pass Welding ModeYes
Double Sided TackingYes
Dual Pulse CapabilityYes
Ramp Up / Down for each PulseYes
Weld Spot Density ControlYes
Weld Rollback FeatureYes
Closed-Loop Weld Force ControlYes
Programmable Force Range500 - 5000 g
Programmable Corner RadiusYes
CE / CCC CertifiedYes
Dimensions (D x W x H)23 in x 22 in x 17 in (584 mm x 559 mm x 470 mm)
Input Power240 V, 25 A
400 V, 20 A
480 V, 13 A
Single or 3 Phase3 Phase
Weight85 lb (38.5 kg)


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Software SM-8500A Seam Sealer Software v.4.4.1 Win7 (64 bit) Download
Drawings SM-8500A Step Drawing Download