SIGMA® Laser Micromachining System

The SIGMA  Laser Micromachining System is designed to be a flexible laser-integrated system that can process a broad range of laser micromachining applications, such as precision laser ablation and selective ablation, drilling, surface texturing, and marking.  The SIGMA  system can be customized to a large extent, including both its dimensions and its components.  This allows the system to accommodate a wide range of sample part types and sizes, motion stage travel dimensions, laser sources, optical delivery methods, and automation and accessory components, including robotic arms, vibratory feeders, and conveyor systems.  Tooling components are customized to suit almost any application.

Due to the range of different micromachining applications, SIGMA Laser Micromachining Systems can be integrated with a variety of different laser beam delivery heads, ranging from galvanometer 2D sc...

Technical Specifications

Laser and Motion ParametersSpecifications
LaserFemtosecond laser IR, green, or UV wavelengths
Picosecond laser; IR, green, or UV wavelengths
Fiber laser; IR wavelength
DPSS Nanosecond laser; Green or UV wavelengths
CO2 laser; IR wavelength
Focused Spot Size< 10 µm achievable
ToolingStandard and fully customizable tooling options
Beam DeliveryGalvanometer 2D scan head
Fixed-optic focus head
Multi-axis 3D scan head
Linear AxesAccuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 0.4 µm | +/- 0.1 µm
Rotary AxesAccuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 1 arcsec | +/- 0.5 arcsec
Linear Z-AxesAccuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 1 µm | +/- 1 µm
*NoteInput power, dimensions and weight dependent on final system configuration.