Weld Monitors & Weld Checkers

Resistance weld monitors and weld checkers – both desktop and handheld – are devices that measure one or more specific electrical and/or mechanical parameters that dynamically change during the resistance welding process including current, voltage drop across the electrodes, workpiece expansion and deformation,  force, displacement, size of the electrode face, acoustic energy emitted while the weld is being formed and temperature of the workpieces. Variations in part thickness, tensile strength, hardness, surface finish and cleanliness can have a significant effect on weld quality.

Why Monitor?

  • Identify process trends
  • Improve quality by ensuring process stability
  • Identify ideal parameters and control limits for successful resistance welding
  • Detect drifts in the weld process
  • Independent, external process monitoring
  • Collect process data


Handheld Weld Monitors & Checkers

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