Medical tubes are used in implants, surgical and dental instruments such as biopsy needles, coronary stents, endoscopy equipment, cannulas, spinal cages and trauma nails. Often these products are resistance and/or laser welded, laser marked, laser drilled/cut or laser micro machined.

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Hypo Tubes

Hypodermic tubes (or hypo tubes) are small diameter tubes adapted for use for injection under the skin. They are generally made from stainless steel (304, 316) which is ideal for medical applications requiring uniformity, strength and corrosion resistance. Hypo tubes are typically used for making hypodermic needles, catheters and cannula. Catheters are inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel to allow drainage, administration of fluids or gases, access by surgical instruments, and other tasks. They are introduced into the body by a hypodermic needle which is subsequently removed while the small tube of the cannula remains in place to allow continuous access to the region.


A stent is a small, expandable mesh tube that is placed in a blood vessel, artery, canal or duct to prop it open and relieve obstruction. Stents are made from many different materials including 316L stainless steel, cobalt chromium, nitinol and polymers.


A Cannula is a thin tube that can be inserted into a vein or body cavity to administer medicine, drain off fluid, or insert a surgical instrument.

Most commonly Cannula’s are made of stainless steel or if made from polyurethane they are often reinforced with wire to prevent kinking or collapse.


A catheter is a flexible or rigid hollow tube employed to drain fluids from body cavities or to distend body passages, especially one for passing into the bladder through the urethra to draw off urine or into the heart through a leg vein or arm vein for diagnostic examination.

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