Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electric vehicles - once considered exotic - are becoming standard on the road today including private automobiles, transportation trucks, bikes, motorcycles, scooters and more, all driven by electrical power provided by batteries. This electrification is neatly wrapped up in new terminology: e-Mobility or Electro Mobility.

The challenges encountered in bringing this technology to market include the demand for reduced weight, expanded range, faster battery charge times and lower costs. Translated into manufacturing goals, the vehicles need to possess higher capacity with negligible energy loss and be made of light-weight, lower cost materials. And since the e-mobility market is so rapidly expanding, there are additional manufacturing challenges, including the demand for higher throughput and quality.

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EV Manufacturing Fundamentals

hot crimping, wire crimping, wire fusing, fusing magnet wire

Hot Crimping for EV

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Hairpin Welding

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Technical Articles & Whitepapers

Wire Compacting for EV

Laser Welding Technology for Dissimilar Metals Drives Electric Vehicle Efficiency

Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Welding

Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Welding

Battery Welding Using Laser, Resistance and Micro TIG Technologies

Battery Welding Using Laser, Resistance and Micro TIG Technologies

welding battery packs

Resistance Welding Tips for Getting Better Performance and Higher Currents from Battery Packs

laser ablation, laser cleaning

Laser Cleaning for e-Mobility


Copper hairpin

Electric Motor Hairpin Welding: Comparing 3 Joining Technologies

battery pack welding, battery welding, emobility. e-mobility. what is emobility

eMobility. Battery Pack Manufacturing and Beyond: How 3 Welding Technologies Stack Up

laser cleaning metal, laser ablation, how does laser cleaning work

Laser Cleaning Metal Improves Battery Pack Reliability and Increases Manufacturing Throughput

Drive EV Battery Efficiency with Laser Welding

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Electric Motor Copper Hairpin Weld

hairpin stator, hairpin welding, emobility, e-mobility

Electric Motor Hairpin Stator Welding

Laser Cleaning Metal

Wire Compacting Copper Stranded Wire

laser ablation, welding, laser cleaning

Laser Ablation of Copper Wires

Laser Wire Stripping of a Magnet Wire by AMADA WELD TECH - laser welding, terminal welding, automotive, magnet wire, copper, brass, lmf20

Laser Wire Stripping Magnet Wire

Laser Marking for the Automotive Industry - laser marking, laser marker, lmf20, automotive, plastic, aluminum

Laser Marking for the Automotive Industry

Laser Welding Automotive Pressure Sensor by - laser welding, seam welding, lf500, pressure sensor, sensor, automotive

Laser Welding Automotive Pressure Sensor


Wire Compacting




Wire Assemblies