KN-200A Single Force Pneumatic Weld Head – Opposed Electrodes

Formerly known as KN-II-Single

The KN-200A-Single weld head has been extensively proven in industrial environments around the world and is regarded as the “dependable workhorse” of the industry. Built in the USA, its proprietary fast force follow-up feature eliminates weld expulsion, preventing entrapment of ejected materials in projection welded electronic devices – a common cause of PIND (particle impact noise detection) failure.

Single cylinder design delivers 250 – 1250 lb (113 – 568 kg) of weld force.

Designed to accommodate a variety of metal projection welding applications including sensors, frequency devices, filaments, heating elements, photonic packages, strain gauges and transducers.

  • Robust, low maintenance die set design
  • Fast force follow-up feature maintains force during weld eliminating weld expulsion
  • Rigid construction using a 25 micron mat...

Technical Specifications

Actuation Type Pneumatic
Power Rating
Electrode Configuration Opposed
Electrode Alignment Inline
Electrode Type 2" Dia
Force range 250 - 1,250 lb
1,112 - 18,157 N
113.398 - 1,851.563 kg
Stroke 1.98 in (50.3 mm)
Automation Ready Yes
Size (L x W x H)11.9 in x 23.4 in x 14.9 in (301.5 mm x 594.9 mm x 377.9 mm)
Weight95 lb (43.2 kg)



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