FP200-Z High Force Pneumatic Weld Head – Opposed Pincer Electrodes

With a maximum weld force of 787 lb (357 kg), the FP200-Z high force pincer welding pliers are designed for larger, more robust applications like copper stranded wire welding, motor armature fusing, welding automotive stamping, and nut welding. Optional horizontal mounting makes them ideal for automation.

  • Modular for Easy Integration for Automation
  • Adjustable Force-Firing
  • Fast Follow-up
  • Optional horizontal mounting
  • Water-cooled Electrode Holders

Actuation Type Pneumatic
Power Rating
Electrode Configuration Opposed
Electrode Alignment Pincer
Electrode Type 7.5mm square
Force range 110 - 750 lb
484 - 3,300 N
49.354 - 356.9 kg
Stroke 1.18 in (30 mm)
Automation Ready Yes
Size (H x D x W)8.54 in x 7.04 in x 22.75 (217 mm x 179 mm x 578 mm)
Weight44 lb (20 kg)