FP200-S High Force Pneumatic Weld Head – Opposed Electrodes

Designed for larger, more robust automated spot welding applications, the FP200-S is particularly suited to applications such as copper stranded wire welding, motor armature fusing, welding automotive stamping, and nut welding.

  • Modular for Easy Integration for Automation
  • Adjustable Force-Firing from 225 – 742 lb (102 – 337 kg)
  • Fast Follow-up
  • Water-cooled Electrode Holders

Technical Specifications

Actuation Type Pneumatic
Power Rating
Electrode Configuration Opposed
Electrode Alignment Offset
Electrode Type 10mm or MK1 electrode Dia
Force range 110 - 750 lb
484 - 3,300 N
49.354 - 356.9 kg
Stroke 1.57 in (40 mm)
Automation Ready Yes
Size Dimensions will vary with options ordered
Weight42 lb (19 kg)