UTM112LS Unitip Electrode
.010″ x .010″ x .015″ (W x D x L)
002″ Gap, Max Force 33 oz

Welding electrodes are installed in the weld head to touch and maintain contact with the workpieces through the full weld schedule.

UTM112LS electrodes are made made from two pieces of molybdenum, which are permanently bonded to an insulating spacer. The narrower THIN-LINE<SUP>®</SUP> “L” series Unitips have a tapered profile, enabling them to be used closer to the corners of packages.  Ideal for parallel gap bonding of gold plated kovar, copper or gold ribbons which are smaller than 0.010 in.

Technical Specifications

Used for WeldingParallel gap bonding of gold plated kovar, copper, or gold ribbons
Face Length0.015 in
Face Width0.010 in
Face Depth0.010 in
Face Gap 0.002 in
Max. force oz.33
Max. force kgf. 0.94
Sold asEach