UB-500A Low Power Linear DC Micro Spot Welder

Formerly known as UB29. Replaces UB25.*

The UB-500A linear DC micro spot welder provides unsurpassed levels of control for resistance micro spot welding and thermocompression bonding.

What is micro spot welding? Generally speaking, if you are welding parts with thicknesses of 0.0005 in to 0.08 in you are micro spot welding.

With a max output of 500 A, UB-500A is a linear DC control with four feedback modes designed to adapt to part and process variables. This micro spot welding machine should be used for smaller applications where closed-loop feedback control and fast response times are required. Safety critical applications such as those found in the medical and automotive markets will benefit from UB-500A’s precision low energy control.

A successor to model UB25, and built in the USA, the UB-500A features a variety of updates, including greatly improved waveform control and faster rise time, as well as new side-mou...

Technical Specifications

TechnologyLinear DC
Output RangeAmps: 5 - 500
Volts: 10
kW: 4.9
Weld Period Range (ms)A: 0 - 99, B: 0 - 999
Output Control Mode Current, voltage, power, combo
Open/ Closed LoopClosed
Built in MonitorYes
Automation ReadyYes
Input Power 88 - 264 VAC
Single or 3 phaseSingle
Size (W x D x H)8.4 in x 15 in x 12 in (213 mm x 381 mm x 305 mm)
Weight49 lb (22 kg)