SL-321A Light Force Motorized Electromagnetic Weld Head – Inline Opposed Electrodes

Formerly known as 320 Series, ELF

The SL-321A low force electronic weld head is a high precision low force head designed specifically for applications requiring precise position and force control. Built in the USA, this state-of-the-art weld head has numerous features to meet the process demands of microelectronics manufacturing, yet is robust enough to endure industrial requirements and environments.

Inline, opposed electrode configuration. 0.44 – 7.0 lb (200 – 3175 gm) max force.

  • Exceptionally accurate force and position parameters
  • Set displacement limits and use weld-to-displacement feature to stop the weld precisely during collapse
  • Detect missing or extra parts using the initial part detection feature
  • Optional two level footswitch or new linear motion footswitch
  • User friendly I/O
  • Four programmable relay outputs

Technical Specifications

Actuation Type Linear servo
Power Rating
Electrode Configuration Opposed
Electrode Alignment Inline
Electrode Type ES0400 Series 0.125"" Dia
Force Range 0.44 - 7 lb
2 - 31.1 N
0.2 - 3.17 kg
Stroke 0.98 in (25 mm)
Automation Ready Yes
Size (H x D x W) Weld head: 14 in x 5.4 in x 2.6 in (356 mm x 138 mm x 65.5 mm)
Control: 9.2 in x 16 in x 8.75 in (234 mm x 407 mm x 222 mm)
WeightWeld head: 8.1 lb (3.6 kg)
Control: 18.5 lb (8.4 kg)



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