Laser Welding Glovebox

Based on the industry-leading AX-5000, AMADA WELD TECH’s laser glovebox systems offer precise control of moisture, pressure, and gas composition in the processing environment. Built in the USA and capable of coordinated motion/laser weld firing in complex paths in up to 5 axes of both linear and rotary motion, the systems ensure reliable weld spot overlap resulting in superior hermeticity. In addition, tooling, optimized stage configuration, and innovative focus head mounting add value to system functionality. These laser welding machines are perfectly suited for assembling sensitive electronic packages such as implantable medical devices and semiconductors. Modular, configurable designs ensure that we can meet any manufacturing need or budget.

Technical Specifications

Technology Laser Welding
Key FeaturesVision-directed motion
Barcode / 2D matrix code job control
Auto-vision alignment and calibration
Seam-tracking on contour welds
Standard or galvo beam delivery
Gas analyzers
Gas mixers
Soot filtration
Gas purification
CCD camera viewing system
Antechambers and ovens
Vacuum pumps
Laser light curtain
Status light towers
WeightVaries with selected options