GP-500A Gas Purification System

Formerly known as BMI-500

GP-500A is a 30 CFM standalone, automatic, regenerating, dual column inert gas purification system designed to continuously recirculate process gas from a glovebox through a filter column containing a mixture of oxygen and moisture getters. Built in the USA, this closed-loop filtration process can achieve an ultra-dry gas environment of about 1 ppm moisture and oxygen when integrated with typical Amada Weld Tech Benchmark® gloveboxes.

GP-500A Plus has a 3.1 inch touch screen LCD display with built-in shortcut function keys which allows single button filter column selection or regeneration.
Also available in single and dual column manual configurations, the GP-500A gas purification system’s modular, low profile design means it can be easily integrated into most gloveboxes on the market.

Specifically designed for ultra-dry nitrogen or compressed dry air (CDA) welding environments for...

Technical Specifications

Moisture and OxygenMoisture level: 3 ppm (-70 dp°C) typically expected after 3 days of operation
Input Power208-240 VAC, 20 A
Single or 3 PhaseSingle
Regeneration Forming Gas5% hydrogen 95% nitrogen (at least 270 cu ft / regeneration) 3/8" polyflow tube 60psi minimum (4 bars) / 200scfh (5.7m3/h)
Regeneration Purge Gas100% nitrogen or argon (at least 15 cu ft / regeneration) 3/8" polyflow tube
Cooling Water12 to 30°C at a minimum flow rate of 1/2 GPM (1.9 LPM) 3/8" polyflow tube. The installation area should be free of sudden temperature fluctuations and the humidity should be max 85% (non-condensing)
Size (W x D x H)28 in x 35 in x 29 in ( 771 mm x 889 mm x 737 mm) - GP-500A-M-SINGLE
39 in x 35 in x 29 in (991 mm x 889 mm x 737 mm) - GP-500A-M-DUAL
39 in x 35 in x 29 in (991 mm x 889 mm x 737 mm) - GP-500A-P-DUAL
Weight300 lb (136 kg) - GP-500A-M-SINGLE
400 lb (181 kg) -GP-500A-M-DUAL
400 lb (181 kg) - GP-500A-M-DUAL