69T Series – 3D Thermo-Plane Thermodes

The thermode or “hot bar” is at the heart of every hot bar reflow soldering process delivering both the heat and bonding force to the parts being joined. Made specifically for use with AMADA WELD TECH’s Desktop Systems or SH Series Bonding Heads, the thermodes feature ultra-fast heating and cooling cycles minimizing process time, and are designed to maintain co-planarity and withstand the deformation that results from the high forces utilized in some bonding processes.

Thermo-plane thermodes come in sizes up to 150 mm wide. 2D versions also available.

Technical Specifications

Used forHot Bar Reflow Soldering, ACF Bonding
WidthUp to 4 mm (Custom Length Available)
LengthUp to 150 mm (size is dependent on connect block)
Sold asEach
Used withDT Series Desktop Bonders, SH Series Bonding Heads
OptionsK Type Thermocouple (J & E type optional)