17TD 3D Thermodes

Superior thermode design is key to hot bar soldering process quality and consistency. AMADA WELD TECH’s use of advanced material technology combined with highly accurate manufacturing techniques has produced a thermode with outstanding consistency of heat transfer to the parts. Precision design has resulted in a complete range of thermodes to suit every application.

  • Uniform temperature distribution across thermode face
  • Optimal flatness under heating
  • No voltage potential which may damage sensitive components
  • Fastest heating and cooling rates to deliver short process times
  • K type thermocouple. Types J & E optional

Technical Specifications

Used forHot Bar Reflow Soldering
Width0.059 in (Custom Thickness Available)
Length1.77 in (Custom Length Available)
Sold asEach
Used withAll the TL-087B Reflow Heads
OptionsK Type Thermocouple (J & E type optional)