17BM Multiple Lead Blade Thermodes

As electrical energy flows through the thermode in a hot bar reflow soldering process, the heat generated is conducted directly to the workpiece. Since most of the electrical current passes through the thermode itself, there is little chance of electrical damage to the workpiece.

After the reflow temperature is reached and the solder has flowed sufficiently, the current is terminated. The thermode remains in contact with the parts just long enough for the solder to solidify.

17BM is a multiple lead blade thermode made of molybdenum and measuring 0.22 – 1.00 in wide (custom sizes available) and 0.030 in thick.

Technical Specifications

Used forHot Bar Reflow Soldering
Width0.22 - 1.000 in (Custom Width Available)
Length0.030 in (Custom Thickness Available)
Sold asEach
Used withMounts to LT-050B-F/RF, LT-050B-A/RF, TL-087B-SA/Reflow and TL-087B-F style heads
OptionsJ type thermocouple (K & E type optional)