17F Multiple Lead Fold-Up Thermodes

Designed to reflow solder voltage-sensitive components, the fold-up thermodes feature a maximum gradient of .050 V across the tip.

  • Face sizes range from 0.25 to 1.00 inches wide
  • Nichrome alloy construction maintains flatness at operating temperature
  • Rigid copper holders ensure uniform heat and voltage across the tip
  • Welded construction for long life
  • Limited to reflow soldering at set point temperatures under 350º C
  • J type thermode (K & E Optional)

Technical Specifications

MaterialInconel Alloy
Used forHot Bar Reflow Soldering
Width0.075 in (Custom Thickness Available)
Length0.25 - 1.00 in (Custom Length Available)
Height0.050 in (Custom Height Available)
Sold asEach
Used withMounts to TL-087B or TL-087B-F head
OptionsJ type thermocouple (K & E type optional)