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AMADA WELD TECH Launches New Website

MONROVIA, CA – AMADA WELD TECH INC., a leading manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding technology, announces the launch of its all-new website. Timed to coincide with the company’s name change, the visually appealing, user friendly and intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to find information on the company’s innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions.

Improved navigation offers visitors a choice of paths via Applications, Industries or directly to Products. “In this way, customers who know exactly what they are looking for, can navigate directly to the product they want. Customers who aren’t as familiar with our technologies and products and want to explore, can search for applications similar to their own or look at the same in the industry sector they serve,” said Kurt Tolliver, Vice President, Sales, AMADA WELD TECH.

In addition to providing even more robust and easy-to-access technical documentation including drawings, facility documents and software, key functionality now includes the ability to filter and compare up to three similar products and view specifications side by side.

The new Learning Center provides visitors a one stop shop to learn about the company’s core technologies with articles, whitepapers, videos and blogs. A new on-demand webinar gallery provides additional learning opportunities, particularly useful in this time of social distancing.

And the site’s Support page contains quick links to connect directly with AMADA WELD TECH’s sales, customer service, field service, technical support and applications support teams.

Dave Fawcett, CEO and President of AMADA WELD TECH stated “When we started this redesign, we never envisaged the current global pandemic situation. The whole world now turns even more to online resources for information and to make decisions, so perhaps there has never been a better time for this launch.”

Visit the website to learn more about AMADA WELD TECH’s capabilities and stay up to date on new products and information.