Hot Bar Bonding

Hot bar bonding is the generic term used to describe a number of processes including Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat Staking, ACF Laminating, Heat Seal Bonding and ACF Bonding.

Hot Bar Bonding is achieved using a thermode or “Hot Bar” thermode which is heated and cooled under pressure using either a pulsed heat or constant heat reflow soldering power supply, creating an electrical connection between the materials joined.

Hot bar bonding is commonly used to connect flex-foils to printed circuit boards, small wires, small coax cables and very light or small components.

What is a Hot Bar? A Hot Bar is, literally, a heated bar of metal used in certain manufacturing processes. Also known as a thermode.

Read the Reflow Soldering Process Overview and Part Design Guidelines for Reflow Soldering Flex to PCB’s

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