THIN-LINE® TL-084B-F Mid Force Manual Weld Head – Opposed Electrodes

Formerly known as 84F

The THIN-LINE TL-084B-F manually actuated weld head for spot welding applications is a precision, low inertia, force-fired head with a narrow vertical profile which exerts 4.0 – 40 lb (17.79 – 177.93 N) of force. Opposed electrode configuration. Ideal for both production line and bench-top applications, the TL-084B-F weld head can operate at speeds greater than 3,600 welds per hour!

Built in the USA, the TL-084B-F is compatible with most of AMADA WELD TECH’s resistance spot welders and is suited to a wide range of applications including spot welding batteries and welding battery tabs as well as medical device manufacturing and electronic component welding.

  • Adjustable Force-Firing
  • Low Inertia Design
  • Adjustable Tare Spring
  • Up to 1.0 in (25 mm) Stroke
  • Up and Down Stops
  • Rugged Design

Technical Specifications

Actuation Type Manual
Power Rating 250Ws, 2 kVA
Electrode Configuration Opposed
Electrode Alignment Offset
Electrode Type ES0800 Series 0.250" Dia
Force range4 - 40 lb
18 - 178 N
1.81 - 18.13 kg
Stroke 1.25 in (32 mm)
Automation Ready No
Size (H x D x W)16.7 in x 10.0 in x 2.6 in (424 mm x 254 mm x 66mm)
Weight8 lb (3.6 kg)