TC-W100A Thermocouple Welder

Formerly known as TCW

The TC-W100A thermocouple welder is a specialized welder designed specifically for the challenging task of welding the delicate wires that are used in thermocouples. Built in the USA, the TC-W100A welds thermocouple wires together to form a uniform bead junction, consistent in size and quality, without detrimental oxide layers. The TC-W100A thermocouple welder will make thermocouples of all commercially available thermocouple alloys.

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor created by joining two dissimilar metals. The metals are typically fine gauge wires which are welded at a point, typically in the shape of a rounded bead.  Thermocouple welding can be challenging with standard resistance or micro TIG welding equipment due to the thermal characteristics of the alloys and the size of the wire, which is usually 20 AWG or less.

The shape of the finished, welded bead at the junction of the the...

Technical Specifications

TechnologyCapacitive discharge
Output Range Ws: 3 - 190
Weld Period Range (ms) N/A
Output Control Mode Ws
Open/ Closed Loop Open
Built in Monitor No
Automation Ready No
Input Power 100 VAC
115 VAC
230 VAC
Single or 3 phase Single
Size (L x W x H) 10 in x 10.25 in x 6.88 in (254 mm x 260.35 mm x 174.75 mm)
Weight16.2 lb (7.3 kg)