NH-3000A Mid-High Force Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, ACF Bonding and Heatstaking System

Formerly known as newhorizon MHSB

AMADA WELD TECH’s NH-3000A Series ACF Bonding and Heat Staking machine is a fully integrated, reflow soldering machine which utilizes a pulsed heat thermode technology for ACF bonding and heat staking applications requiring between 60 and 750 Newtons force (6.12 – 76.5 Kgs,  13.49 – 168.6 lbs).

The NH-3000A line is made up of four standard, ergonomically designed hot bar soldering machine models with optional product handling features such as linear slides and rotary tables. These hot bar resistance soldering systems are “customizable” to suit the customer’s specific technical requirements via optional plug & play modules. All modules are mounted on a robust frame construction.

  • Compact, Standard Systems
  • UF-4000A Pulsed Heat Reflow Soldering Power Supply
  • Robust Frame Construction
  • Active Integrated Cooling
  • X-Y Thermode Co-Plan...

Technical Specifications

Force Range13.49 - 168.6 lbs
6.12 - 76.5 kgs
60 - 750 N
Input Power 100-240 VAC, 16 A
Air 87- 116 psi
Single or 3 Phase Single Phase
Size H x W x D Excluding Power Supply 25.59 in x 24.21 in x 27.36 in (650 mm x 615 mm x 695 mm)
Weight132.27 lb (60 kg)