MD-B5000A High Current Linear DC Spot Welder

MD-B5000A is an ultra-fast, high current linear DC weld control, which can operate in constant current mode, constant voltage mode, or both. Particularly well suited to series welding applications, the MD-B5000A is ideal for welding optical sensor parts, crystal oscillators, and projection welding of electronic components.

Connect two power supplies to achieve high power welding in a short time frame.

  • Monitor constant current, voltage, or both
  • Connect 2 units together
  • Polarity switchable

Technical Specifications

TechnologyLinear DC
Output RangeAmps: 10,000
Volts: 30V
kW: 0 - 300
Weld Period Range (ms)0-9.99
Output Control ModeCurrent, voltage, combo
Open/ Closed LoopClosed
Built in MonitorYes
Automation ReadyYes
Input Power100 - 120 VAC
220 - 240 VAC
Single or 3 phaseSingle
Size (L x W x H)25.04 in x 6.85 in x 13.78 in (636 mm x 174 mm x 350 mm)
Weight82 lb (37 kg)