Kapton Tape Interposer for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

AMADA WELD TECH’s interposer module for Kapton tape is a reel-to-reel feeder which holds a full spool of interposer tape on the left, and collects the used interposer material on the right. An intelligent spring mechanism prevents sticking of the interposer material to the thermode after bonding. Tension is controlled through a spring-operated level.

Why use Kapton interposer tape? It lengthens the life of the thermode by protecting it from damage and contamination from repeated exposure to fluxes, and solder.

The Interposer Module is available in both manual and fully automatic configurations and may be used with all AMADA WELD TECH hot bar systems.

  • Designed for system integration or as a module for use with all hot bar systems
  • Extends thermode life
  • Self-leveling tape tension control
  • Optional upgrade for automatic tape feeding

Technical Specifications

ApplicationsHot Bar Reflow Soldering
Minimum Tape Feeding Length10 mm/step
Reel SpecificationOutside diameter 125 mm, inner diameter 75 mm, excluding mounting reels
Sarcon Tape Width5 mm
Sarcon Tape Length200 m
Sarcon Tape Thickness 0.025 mm
Material TypeKapton (polyamide)
Material ColorBrown