IS-300CA Mid Frequency Inverter Weld Control

Formerly known as IS-300CR

Small enough to fit on a bench, the IS-300CA 300 amp MFDC welder is ideal for customers and integrators who require high output, but have limited production space.

The IS-300CA inverter spot welder offers a range of new and improved features including six control modes (primary limit, primary and secondary root mean square (RMS), secondary constant power, secondary voltage control, and fixed pulse) and .050-20 kA of power in 3 ranges. The low current ranges are ideal for small or fine applications.

The unit features flexible weld profiles allowing for three pulses in each weld cycle. Each weld segment may be programmed with upslope and down-slope and up to 19 pulsations. You can also change the control mode for each weld segment.

IS-300CA is a great choice for small and medium scale applications where closed-loop feedback control and fast response times are ...

Technical Specifications

TechnologyMid frequency inverter
Output Range Amps: 20,000
Volts: 0.0-9.99
kW: 0.05 - 20.0
Weld Period Range (ms) 0-999
Output Control Mode Current, voltage, power
Open/ Closed LoopClosed
Built in Monitor Yes
Automation Ready Yes
Input Power 200-240 VAC
380 - 480 VAC
Single or 3 phase 3 phase
Size (L x W x H)11 in x 7 in x 23 in (269 mm x 172 mm x 573 mm)
Weight36 lb (16.5 kg)