GHP Handpiece

The Model GHP handpiece is trigger fired and used to weld or tack materials that don’t require stringent force control.

Handpieces are available with either 4-foot or 10-foot long cables. As a general rule, the energy delivered to the workpiece with 10- foot #6 cables will be approximately 15% of that delivered with 4-foot #6 cables. Handpieces are furnished with cables, as indicated in the following table, and one pair of RWMA electrodes.

Technical Specifications

Actuation Type Handpiece
Force Range n/a
Electrode Alignmentn/a
Electrode Configuration n/a
Power Rating 125 Ws, 2 KVA
Electrode Series EP0802
Cable Size (AWG) #2, #6
Cable Length 4 ft, 10 ft
Automation ReadyNo