ES0450 Straight Electrode Set
1/8 ” OD, 1/16″ Tip OD

Welding electrodes are installed in the weld head to touch and maintain contact with the workpieces through the full weld schedule.

ES0450 electrodes are 1/8 inch offset are made of GLIDCOP Dispersion Strengthened Copper  and possess a 68B Rockwell hardness. They are ideal for welding steels, nickel alloys and other high resistance materials.

Technical Specifications

MaterialGLIDCOP - Dispersion Strengthened Copper
Rockwell Hardness68B
Used for WeldingSteels, nickel alloys and other high resistance materials
Length1 1/4 in
Diameter1/8 in
Sold asPair
Used withTL-080B and TL-082B