CCTV Laser Head – 50 mm

CCTV laser focus head assembly with 50 mm diameter optics.

  • Choice of collimator length and focal length
  • Camera arm for inline process viewing
  • Straight configuration without camera also available

Typically used with AMADA WELD TECH pulsed Nd:YAG lasers  > 50 W.



  Title Version Model Revision  
Drawings FX 100/70HC - FX 100/75SC STEP Drawing Download
FX 120/50HC - FX 120/70HC STEP Drawing Download
FX 200/50HC STEP Drawing Download
FX 120/100HC - FX 120/120HC STEP DRAWING Download
FX 100/100HC STEP DRAWING Download
FX 120/125SC STEP DRAWING Download