WM-100A Advanced Desktop Resistance Weld Monitor

Formerly known as ADAM® Advanced Data Analysis Monitor

With an ever-increasing emphasis on accountability, AMADA WELD TECH’s WM-100A is the most advanced resistance welding monitoring system available from any manufacturer.  Built in the USA, the WM-100A offers more of the information you need for resistance welding process development, production monitoring and data to support your ISO, and GMP and TQM requirements. Not only will it monitor what happens during the weld, but also before it is triggered, giving you a true 360-degree view of your welding process.

  • 360º V...

Technical Specifications

Input Power 100 - 240 VAC
Built in Printer No
Automation Ready Yes
Waveform Analysis Yes
Limit Types Peak
Measurable Parameters (Range) Current (2, 6, 20, 60, 200 kA)
Voltage: (0 - 15 V)
Displacement (12, 25, 30 mm)
Gas flow / auxiliary (0 - 10 V)
Size (W x D x H)16.81 in x 15.35 in x 6.96 in (427.0 mm x 390.0 mm x 176.8 mm) Data Processing Module (not including handles)
4.9 in x 13 in x 10.75 in (125 mm x 330 mm x 273 mm) Sensor Interface Module
21 in x 9 in x 17 in (533 mm x 229 mm x 432 mm) Monitor (size may vary)
Weight17.5 lb (8 kg) Data Processing Module
11.5 lb (5.3 kg) Sensor Interface Module
10 lb (4.5 kg) Monitor (weight may vary with size)

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