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WL-100A Laser Processing Workstation to be Highlighted at The Battery Show

AMADA WELD TECH will highlight its solutions for battery and EV manufacturing at The Battery Show, which will be held September 13-15, 2022, in Novi, Michigan, Booth 2537. On display will be the WL-100A Laser Processing Workstation. Also to be showcased is the CD-A300A Capacitive Discharge Welding Power Supply, paired with the TL-088B-EZ Mid-force Pneumatic Weld Head for spot welding applications, and the newly released, IIoT ready, WM-200A Networked Resistance Weld Monitor.

Visitors to the booth can see the WL-100A Laser Processing Workstation, a compact desktop fiber laser system geared for low volume production and R&D environments. This workstation features manually operated vertical doors that provide a full 180-degrees of workspace access to parts and tooling, and a large viewing window for visual process monitoring. Also on display is the CD-A300A Capacitive Discharge Welder. Ideal for battery tab welding, the unit features dual pulse output control, internal pulse monitoring, optional polarity switching and is automation capable. It will be shown with the TL-088B-EZ Mid-force Pneumatic Weld Head. This air actuated weld head for spot welding applications is a precision, low inertia, force-fired head with a narrow vertical profile that is a great choice for spot welding batteries and welding battery tabs.

The newly released WM-200A Networked Resistance Weld Monitor simplifies data capture, storage, and analysis on a networked platform, paving the way to next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning features. The WM-200A monitors all aspects of the resistance welding process, providing vital visual and statistical feedback during research and development as well as production environments. It also provides immediate feedback to the weld station by monitoring key aspects of the process and sending good/no good information to the process controller instantaneously during production.