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Desktop Bonders: Tabletop Pulsed Heat Thermode Technology Ideal for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat-seal Bonding and Heat Staking

Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and systems, announces the availability of its versatile series of Desktop Bonders – tabletop hot bar reflow soldering systems capable of performing hot bar reflow soldering, heat seal bonding and/or ACF bonding, hot bar bonding, and heat staking applications. The Desktop Bonders are ideal for assembling medical devices, cellular phones, on-board computers, LCD monitors, laptops, and cockpit instrumentation and displays.

The Desktop Bonders use pneumatic bonding heads with the company’s uniquely designed Quick Connect Blocks and Thermo-plane Thermodes. The exclusive thermode design offers ultra-fast heating and cooling cycles, which minimize process times. Forced air-cooling after the heating process further speeds the total bonding process. The thermode is designed to maintain co-planarity and withstand deformation that tends to occur in some bonding processes. Another key design feature is the elimination of voltage drop as current flows from front-to-back instead of left-to-right, preventing damage to the parts when soldering.

The series includes a range of product handling features to tailor the bonder for use in particular applications, including left-right and front-rear slides, as well as rotary tables. Left-right and rotary models are ideal for higher throughput or higher volume applications, including production of cell phone parts. Models with in-out slides facilitate loading and unloading and visual alignment of parts, with or without a camera. The slide modules operate either manually or pneumatically and have an option for three-stop positions, which is specially designed for two bonding locations on a single printed circuit board (PCB), extremely useful for a flex to LCD and PCB bonding process. Additional options for the desktop series include optical alignment, Kapton feeder, water-cooling, and interposer modules, as well as customized product jigs.

Each of the desktop units in the series is connected to and powered by Miyachi Unitek’s powerful and flexible Uniflow® power supply system for pulse-heated, selective soldering, conductive adhesive bonding and thermocompression bonding. The Uniflow3 provides targeted heating and precision temperature control for such components as flex circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single or dual sided edge connectors and thermocompression bonding of gold ribbon.

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