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Amada Miyachi America to Present at FABTECH 2017’s Laser Welding for Today’s Fabricator Workshop

Monrovia, CA – AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of resistance welding, laser welding, marking, cutting, and micro machining equipment and systems, announces that industry experts Mark Rodighiero and Dr. Geoff Shannon will be presenting as part of a laser welding workshop at FABTECH 2017, which takes place November 6-9, 2017, at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. The Laser Welding for Today’s Fabricator Workshop (AWF100) will be held Tuesday, November 7, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Room 403B.

Mark Rodighiero, Executive Vice President, Technology and Business Development, will present System Overview for Laser Welding, summarizing the key elements to a laser welding system. He will discuss the laser, laser delivery to the workstation, laser focusing optics, and how weld motion is executed. His talk will also cover control software, vision, tooling, and process monitoring.  Mr. Rodighiero’s presentation will include recent examples taken from automotive, medical and battery manufacture industries. He will conclude with a few remarks on data management issues and Industry 4.0 considerations.

He will be followed by Dr. Geoff Shannon, Manager, Advanced Technology, who will cover Material Selection for Laser Welding. Dr. Shannon will discuss the importance of selecting the material or material combination that provides optimized part functionality while being easy to weld and providing a reliable manufacturing process. His talk will cover a variety of material types, including carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and titanium. He will also discuss the unique prospects for dissimilar materials welding, particularly for thin gage materials. The talk will include a wealth of information on material types, along with welding examples showing both good welds and weld defects.

Stop by the AMADA MIYACH AMERICA Booth, #A-1802 to discuss laser material selection with Geoff Shannon. Also at the booth will be an interactive touch screen display with in-depth information on laser welding technologies, equipment, and applications.

About Amada Miyachi America

Since 1948, Amada Miyachi America, Inc. has worked to achieve one goal: to solve customer’s manufacturing challenges. Knowing there is no one solution that fits all, the company strives to provide customers with innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions in an effort to be their single source provider. Amada Miyachi America manufactures equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company serves a wide range of markets including medical devices, battery, aerospace, automotive and electronic components. Amada Miyachi America is an ISO9001 certified company. Contact Amada Miyachi America at info@amadamiyachi.com. Learn more about the company’s products and services at www.amadamiyachi.com.