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AMADA WELD TECH Announces New Sustainability Initiatives

AMADA WELD TECH announces its latest action in achieving company sustainability goals. In mid-September, the company ceased shipment of both physical printed technical manuals, and USB-based software inclusions for most standard products. Instead, AMADA WELD TECH is providing customers with a simple 2D code that leads to a website landing page where they can download all pertinent technical documentation and software.

The company sees this latest move as a dual effort. By greatly reducing the amount of paper and electronic additions in customer shipments, AMADA WELD TECH continues to drive towards critical Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also investing more heavily in their digital customer experience. By reducing the amount of end waste incorporated in each of its product sales, AMADA WELD TECH is targeting its environment-driven SDGs, and mitigating additional resource consumption.

In the past few years, 2D code usage has skyrocketed—revealing a simple and effective means of disseminating information across a wide variety of market verticals. With this new initiative, AMADA WELD TECH is capitalizing on this market shift while driving more customers to its website. This move not only empowers customers but also positions them for exposure to AMADA WELD TECH’s other valuable online resources.

To read more about the company’s Sustainable Development Goals, please visit: https://www.amada.co.jp/en/sustainability/sdgs/