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Laser Cutting: 3 Reasons to Consider this Wire EDM Alternative

Wire and sinker EDM are two of the oldest, most widely used traditional precision cutting technologies, but more and more manufacturers and jobshops are replacing or complementing their wire EDM capabilities with laser cutting systems which generally feature a smaller footprint, faster processing times, and lower cost-per-part ratio. Here are 3 reasons for YOU to consider laser cutting as a wire edm alternative:

  • Faster Processing Times and Higher Quality Cuts – Wire EDM works in a two dimensional geometry, so parts with more geometry features – even simple bevels – require separate set up, programming and cutting processes, all of which add significantly to the total process time. Laser cutting systems can process multiple featured parts using up to 5 axes of motion in a single step. And single pass laser cut quality is superior to wire EDM cut quality; wire EDM may require up to four (4) separate passes (more time!) to achieve the same quality. Also, with a focused spot size of 0.001” lasers offer increased cut resolution for internal radii.

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  • Lower Cost per Manufactured Part – with linear motors and direct drive rotary stages laser cutting speeds are extremely fast and precise. For tube cutting with single sided features, laser cutting is significantly faster than wire or sinker EDM providing substantial cost savings per part. As laser cutting is a “tooless” process there is no requirement for equipment maintenance as needed for wire EDM machines.
  • Small Footprint – Is floor space a premium? The typical wire EDM system measures up to 10 or 12 feet square. Laser cutting systems are half that size – maybe 5 to 6 feet square.

If you’re looking to maximize productivity, now might be the time to consider adding a laser cutting system. Get our whitepaper for a complete overview of laser cutting and how it compares to traditional cutting technologies.

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