Wire Fusing

Wire fusing – sometimes known as hot crimping – is similar to wire compacting in that it is a process in which stranded wire is compacted and welded into a desired shape in order to better facilitate attachment to other components. The difference is that wire fusing generally employs the use of a ferrule or sleeve to gather the ends together before processing.

Resistance wire fusing (welding or brazing) is achieved using a welding power supply and a weld head to deliver current and apply vertical force to simultaneously remove insulation and combine the wires and sleeve into one, neat package.

Typical equipment used for wire fusing includes AMADA WELD TECH’s IS-800CA Mid-Frequency Inverter Welding Power Supply, paired with the MH-1501 Weld Head¬†

Watch a video of the process.

Wire Fusing, stranded wire fusing, resistance wire fusing, hot crimping

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