Projection Welding

Projections (low thermal mass islands) are one method of insuring proper heat balance in difficult spot welding applications when there exists a 5:1 size difference between the parts to be welded. By providing a projection on the surface of one of the workpieces, weld current and force can be focused into the small area of the projection to produce heat at the desired weld location. Projection welding is effective even if the weldments are thick.

Benefits of Projection Welding:

  • Weld current is concentrated on the joint using a projection or profile on one of the parts.
  • Flat electrodes with a large contact surface area matching the shape and area of the workpiece can be used for projection welding.
  • The increased electrode contact area decreases current density at the surface of the electrode. As a result, projection welding can extend electrode life.

For more information regarding designing projections, see our blogs Projection Welding: Balance Heat and Extend Electrode Life and Designing Ring Projections for Hermetic Sealing.

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