Black Laser Marking

What is Black Laser Marking?

“Black laser marking” or “dark marking” are the terms typically used to describe the marks made on implantable and reusable medical devices.

What are the Characteristics of a Black Mark?

  • Black marks possess high contrast and are visible from a wide viewing angle.
  • Black marks are both machine and human readable.
  • Black marks are permanent and non-fading, sometimes they also need to be corrosion-resistant.
  • Black marks are not etched into the surface of the part creating areas where bacteria could form.
  • Black marks do not damage the passive layer of the part.
  • Black marks are UDI compliant.
Example of a black mark on an implantable device

What solutions does AMADA WELD TECH offer for making black marks?

A number of laser marking technologies have been used to achieve black marks. Depending on the part, material, and mark requirements, this could be either a fiber laser, UV laser or picosecond laser. The following outlines our standard products and systems:

The WL-P300A is a Class 1 workstation optimized for black marking. Integrated with a picosecond IR  or fiber laser, it is ideal for making permanent, bacteria and corrosion resistant, machine-readable, dark black marks.

The WL-100A is a compact desktop fiber laser marking machine geared for low volume production and R&D environments over a wide range of industries. Though best suited as a laser marking machine for metal, WL-100A can also mark plastics and ceramics.

The LM-F family of fiber lasers are rugged, cutting-edge machines designed to address a wide range of metal laser marking applications. The lasers are designed with multiple integration options to accommodate standalone operation, full production automation, or prototype development.

Ask us also about bespoke, integrated systems designed and programmed for your parts!

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