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Miyachi Unitek Welder Featured in CHAD Industries’ Platforms for Solar Concentrator Cell Welding and Hot-Bar Reflow

Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and laser processing systems, announces that its products are featured in CHAD Industries, Inc.’s new semi-automatic platform for solar concentrator cell welding or hot-bar reflow soldering. CHAD Industries is a leading supplier of factory automation solutions for the electronics, semiconductor, and solar manufacturing automation industries.

CHAD’s new SBA-1 Semi-Automatic Bonding Workstation is used for product development, prototyping and low volume production processes, such as CPV cell interconnect welding or solar cell tabbing. This new system complements the CHAD SBA-3 Automatic Solar Cell Welder introduced last year, which features robotic material handling, machine vision guided alignment and automated resistance welding. According to Ward Palmer, sales manager at CHAD Industries, “Our system allows users to precisely align cells and interconnects before welding them into position.”

Both systems feature a Miyachi Unitek parallel gap resistance welder, which is extremely fast and introduces relatively little heat into the product. The parallel gap welding process reduces the chance of micro-cracking due to heat stress. Resistance welding creates very robust joints that stand up well to the typical environmental stresses. The systems can be configured with either Miyachi Unitek’s UB-25 low power linear DC weld control, or the HF27 high frequency inverter power supply. They feature the Miyachi Unitek 300 Series electromagnetic weld head, which includes both a linear magnetic force actuator and a microprocessor-based electronic control, for precisely controlled weld force for joining miniature and micro-miniature parts.

The system can also be configured with Miyachi Unitek’s Uniflow3 pulsed heat reflow soldering power supply. Uniflow3 offers targeted heating and precision temperature control with a user-programmable heat profile that can be tailored to suit specific product

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