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Miyachi Unitek Unveils Uniflow®4 and Uniflow®4R Power Supply

MONROVIA, CAMiyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and systems, announces the release of its new Uniflow®4 pulsed heat control system, a power supply that provides targeted heating and precision temperature control for hot bar reflow soldering, heat seal bonding and conductive adhesive bonding. The new model is a major update, with a variety of new hardware improvements, process control features, and flexible options.

The Uniflow4 is ideal for the assembly of medical devices, cellular phones, on-board computers, LCD monitors, laptops, and cockpit instrumentation and displays.Versatile and powerful, the Uniflow4 can be used in numerous joining applications, including open-windowed flex attachment, flex to PCB or LCD, and wire to substrate pads.

The new Uniflow4 power supply is available as a standard unit with a built-in transformer, or as a remote unit (Uniflow4R) with a smaller control unit and separate remote transformer– an ideal option for many automation installations. A second auxiliary thermocouple input can monitor the temperature of the tooling nest, providing additional process verifications with programmed temperature limits. Improved control and tuning algorithms have been added for applications requiring faster temperature rise, and more control setting choices allow the user to optimize temperature rise and overshoot.

The new model offers a host of other new features, including seven programmable output relays, 15 programmable relay states, an optional transformer with higher secondary voltages for select applications, and an optional 2kVA transformer for lower energy applications that require a smaller and lighter weight transformer.

The updated Uniflow4 is now equipped with an LCD backlight on/off feature with power on indicator andan additional choice of process timing based on time at preheat and reflow temperatures. Separate relay outputs for alarm conditions and out of temperature limits in the extensive digital and analog I/O set improve process visibility.

“The updated Uniflow4 has a variety of new features that make it an even more powerful and user-friendly process instrument,” said David Cielinski, Vice President of Standard Product Development. “Throughout the development of this product, we worked to create an even more comprehensive and informative user interface.”

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